Catkin Summer Palace Moisture Cover BB Cushion Foundation

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  • Inspiration: Inspired by the Cantonese embroidery screen "Birds Paying Homageto Feng Huang" in the Le Shou Hall of the Summer Palace. Take the peachblossoms and butterflies from the embroidery as elements, combined with theclassic elegance and the modern color. The magnificence and atmosphere of theroyal palace is captured perfectly in this design.
  • Herbal Essence Formulation: Herba Centella Extract to Help Firming Skin, Anti-wrinkling and Anti-aging. Laminaria Saccharina for Long-lasting and Long-wearing. Golden Seaweed Extract, Active Ingredients with Comprehensive Anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrating: Contain moisturizing and repairing ingredients, covering fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more youthful and healthy radiance look without a crease or smudge.

  • Highly Concealer: Building up medium-coverage foundation, smoothing pores, imperfections and providing more luminous look.

  • Product information:
  1. Net Weight: 2 x 13 g
  2. Package Content: 1 x bb cream ; 1 x free refill
  3. UPC:6935778565335