1.  CATKIN 10th Anniversary Event in 2017

In order to give back to agents and terminal partners, CATKIN organized a travel to Singapore from July 2 to July 6, 2017. More than 500 CATKIN members participated in this event, and play together with CATKIN.

Since 2010, CATKIN holds the Anniversary Event every year. It is intended to bring CATKIN ’s partners together through tourism activities to strengthen exchanges and learning with each other, while providing relaxing time who have worked hard for one year.

2.  CATKIN Carnival in the USA in 2015

In this American tour, from Los Angeles in the city of angels to San Diego, the members of CATKIN boarded the aircraft carrier together, went to Las Vegas to experience a casino situation together, took a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, and a real gun playing with a live ammunition and shooting for 10 days in a different place.

It created a great communication environment for CATKIN, the kind of idea that makes the footsteps firm due to the passion of dreams; and the kind of wanting the determination to break out of the world with CATKIN.

3. CATKIN Carnival in Romantic Bali in 2014

CATKIN Dream Bali 5-Day Carnival is full of joy and warmth. CATKIN 's family visited the famous Poseidon Temple, the romantic lover cliff, the beautiful Jimbaran sunset and other wonderful scenery, experienced a variety of thrilling marine activities, such as thrilling flying fish, the ultimate speed of the sea motorcycle , High-altitude parachute. 

In the future, CATKIN will still strictly adhere to the research and development of high-quality products, with strong scientific research strength, create the most cost-effective makeup brand, produce more perfect makeup products for consumers, and create a richer wealth value for partners !