CATKIN Cosmetics

CATKIN X Summer Palace Lip Serum

  • 19 Plant Extract, 100% Natural Formula: Soothes, hydratesand plumps dry and chapped lips.
  • Vegan Cruelty-free Lip Serum: Free of artificial fillers, fragrancesand allergens.
  • Suitable for Everyone: Premium lipcare for everyone enjoy smooth, plump, rejuvenated lips without any hassle.
  • Lip Care Efficacies: Use this lip conditioning serum to promote fuller, plumper looking lips while leaving them feeling smooth and voluminous.
  • Ingredients: Avocado tree fruit lipids, phytosterol macadamia oleate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, tocopheryl acetate, Zizyphus extract, grapefruit oil, ginseng root extract, peony extract, lemon peel oil, snowdrop extract, Xinjiang comfrey extract, gentian extract, licorice root extract, perilla seed extract, flaxseed extract, buckwheat seed extract, ningxia wolfberry fruit extract, lotus seed extract, water hyacinth seed extract.
  • Tips: Applying before lip makeup, leave it on for 3 minutes and wipe it off, then apply lipstick , lipgloss or lipliner , your  lip makeup will look better!
  • Item Net Weight: 1 pc X 7.5g