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About Catkin

Catkin - Humanistic Beauty Without Borders

Proudly born in 2007 in China, raised and made with love in the whole world, Catkin Cosmetics combines chinoiserie style with fashion colors, refreshes the aesthetic perception of national style.

We draw wisdom of beauty from our rich oriental cultural heritage, incorporate modern aesthetics design, and adopt modern technologies to create our makeup products in skincare-grade, cruelty-free, and vegan of the Modern Chinoiserie.

Creating humanistic beauty without borders,we are all about ingenuity.

Each Catkin product we made has the same goal: to make borderless aesthetics a kind of life.

Brand Concept

Every woman plays her own role in society, they have different fields, occupations, identities and stories, and the same is their equality and independence.
CATKIN advocates to break away the stereotype of "Women dress up for people they like.“ And emphasizes the spirit of "beautiful feminism", and pursues the unique "beautiful true self" with a new perspective and challenges to explore different beauty, encouraging women to challenge themselves.