CATKIN Cosmetics

Catkin Summer Palace Light Loose Powder

  • Inspiration: Inspired by the Cantonese embroidery screen "Birds Paying Homage to Feng Huang" in the Le Shou Hall of the Summer Palace. Take the peach blossoms and butterflies from the embroidery as elements, combined with the classic elegance and the modern color. The magnificence and atmosphere of the royal palace is captured perfectly in this design.
  • Benefits: Micron-level spherical powder, ultra-lightweight and imperceptible. The unique formula can disperse oils and repelling water. Provides sheer, matte velvety coverage and long-lasting finish.
  • Ingredients: Rich in a wide variety natural herb extracts such as Tianshan Snow Lotus, Alpine Ginseng, Peony and other nourishing ingredients which are gentle and non-irritating. It is the unity of makeup and skin care.
  • Color: C01 (Matte Pink): For all skin tones, creating a matte and soft focus effect. C02 (Shimmer Ivory): For all skin tones, creating a breathable and shimmering look.