CATKIN Cosmetics

CATKIN Fairy Tales Liquid Lip Gloss

  • Inspiration: Inspired by the crystal clear mountain and sea crystals, the luster is transparent and the texture is pure. Combined with the traditional philosophical view of "mountain is sea and sea is mountain".
  • Benefits: Highly moisturizing herbal essence ingredients and nourishing and emollient ingredients,Matte but not dry, long-lasting moisturizing, giving you a more elegant lip look.
  • Ingredients: Contains Phytosterols, Vitamin E, GANODERMA SINENSIS, PANAX GINSENG, SAUSSUREA INVOLUCRATA and other natural ingredients surround each color pigment providing rich, lasting color, while making lip feel smooth and soft.
  • Color: C22/C23/V24/V25/V26/V27/V28/V29/V30/V31
  • NET WT:1.5g