CATKIN Cosmetics

Catkin Pretty Lightness Liquid Lip Gloss

  • Inspiration: Collaboration with Chinese traditional costume drama serenade of peaceful joy. The character of this play was extracted and used as the basis for the pattern design on the casing of this lip glaze. The prosperity of the Song dynasty is captured perfectly in this design.
  • Benefits: Super soft and smooth, without any stickiness feeling, very comfortable and suitable for any season. Long-lasting and long-term hydration.
  • Ingredients: Contains Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, and natural botanic ingredient. Bring your beauty and nourish your lips.
  • Colors: C00 Raincoat / C01 Orange Sunset / C02 Red Lilac / C03 Night Banquet / C04 Tea Tinct / C05 Tipsy / C09 Milky Tea / C11 Gold Carp / C12 Starry Vitality / C13 Maple / C14 Caramel / C15 Claret / C16 Falling / C17 Mermaid / C18 Grapefruit / C19 Deer / C20 Red Brick